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"Designed in-house right from scratch till last keeping Indian Market in mind, this Electric Motorbike is designed to face those challenges."

Since we started work in 2017

Brilltech Emotors was founded to revolutionize the domain of personal transportation in the country. The chairman of the company Mr. Nitin Pratap Singh worked passionately in-line with our principles of innovation and creativity to disrupt the market of e-vehicles. We are one of the Best Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers in the country owing to the heavy emphasis on a technology-driven approach.

We have carefully crafted our flagship model BRILL ONE to enter the market. This Electric Motorcycle is just the starting of a company that is headed towards market domination through the ideal combination of problem-solving perspective and innovation- driven process. Our in-house team of talented designers and visionary engineers has worked collectively for several years to come up with this advance bike.

Our Mission

Our key objective behind this company is to meet the demands of electric vehicles of the country to ultimately establish a green ecosystem of vehicles. The lesser the engine-powered vehicles on roads, the lesser would the negative impact on the environment. Our Electronic Bike is a step forward in that direction. The Government of India is also focussed on replacing the fuel-powered vehicles with e-vehicles and we want to contribute positively to that endeavour.

Our Vision

We have made Electric Battery Bike more accessible and practical by ensuring performance that is on par with traditional bikes and offering them at highly affordable prices. This will allow our company to encourage the market of e-vehicles as they are superior to fuel-powered vehicles from all perspectives and angles. Our name is counted among the fastest growing Electric Motorbike Exporters and Suppliers in India and we are dedicated to maintaining that position.

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