First Electric Bike

First Electric Bike

First Electric Bike

Boasting of a perfect amalgamation of performance and power, our electric bike is what bike-lovers aspired to get for years. Brilltech Emotors is one of the First Electric Bike Manufacturers in the country and we have built on that competitive edge to improve our offered bike significantly to beat the alternatives into oblivion. You can power through your toughest day on the road with this smooth electric experience.

Urban Warrior

Every day is a new struggle on the roads of these concrete jungles. You need a warrior with you to emerge successful and efficient at the end of every day. These bikes work on the principle of the ride more, maintain less. You wouldn’t have to go for several rounds to the service centre in order to maintain its optimum performance. Looking for the First Electric Bike In India? It’s right here.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Performance

Everything from the dashboard, headlights, storage space to the Tail light is designed by adopting a minimalist approach. Minimalistic in design and appearance, this bike showcases maximum performance in terms of power and durability. Being one of the First Electric Bike Exporters and Suppliers, we left no stone unturned in packing a powerful mix of features in this latest model. Talk to our executives directly to know more.

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