First Electric Motorcycle

First Electric Motorcycle

First Electric Motorcycle

Brilltech Emotors offers electric motorcycles that are propelled by the industry’s most advanced tech. Achieve ultimate acceleration with just a twist of the throttle and race away without any fumes, vibration or annoying noise. It will be only your screams from the excitement that will make the noise. We are noteworthy among the First Electric Motorcycle Manufacturers, who led the way and came up with the most promising electric bike models.

The Real Deal

This innovative model is not a distant dream or a lab project. Tested comprehensively on the road on a regular basis, the production version is delivered only after we are assured that it is on top of its game. We are passionate about the idea of introducing the First Electric Motorcycle in India and with this model; our dream is coming to be true. Be ready to ride the most exciting and practical E bike.

All-Terrain Performance

Great pick-up, combined braking system, incredible suspension and outstanding range in a single charge make this bike ready for different terrains. It’s hard to design a bike for India and not make it ready for all terrains. Our company is one of the First Electric Motorcycle Exporters and Suppliers. Get in touch with us to place your order.

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