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Experience the unforgettable ride of BRILL ONE - India’s first daily commute Electric Bike.

Whether you want to Buy Electric Vehicle, Lithium Battery Bike, Electric Motorcycle or Electric 2 Wheeler, we are undeniably the leading name that you can contact. As one of the best Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, we design and deliver customized battery vehicles at competitive market prices. Our range is exceptionally advanced and loaded with features to give users value for money.Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

4.2 Sec

0 to 40 kmph

120 kmph

Top Speed

130 - 150 kms

Range / Charge

Cloud Connected

Get Connect while Ride

A Brand New Experience

Brilltech Emotors is offering India’s first daily commute Electric Bike with qualities of performance motorcycles. Designed from scratch by our in-house team, our bikes are an outcome of years of brain storming and R&D. Get ready for a brand new experience of urban commute powered by the latest technology. Gliding through Indian roads have become easier now.

Intelligence Meets Design

This model exhibits the perfect combination of practicality and engineering prowess. Innovative features are integrated in an intelligent manner to ensure a seamless experience. Get ready for a comfortable ride enhanced by cutting-edge features.

- Cloud Connected
- GPS Enabled

Electric Vehicle In India


Drive Different

Uncompromised Performance

We don’t believe in tokenism. This Electric Bike was given a thumbs-up only after we concluded that its performance was on par with an IC engine powered bike. You would notice that it even surpasses the performance of traditional bikes in many cases. Designed for Indian conditions and challenges, this motorcycle is a result of exhaustive R&D.

  • - Strong & Light Body
  • - Monoshock Suspension
  • - Mid Drive Motor
  • - Disc Brakes
  • - Combined Braking System
  • - Front & Rear Alloy Wheels

Drive Different

Tough Built

Don’t be fooled by its Aesthetic Design because the Motorcycle is as tough as it can be. Water proof controller, Fire-Resistant Battery, Tubeless Tyres, Alloy Rim, Front & Rear Disc Brakes, Combined Braking System and Excellent Suspension make it capable of seamlessly surpassing the challenges of Rough Roads.


Drive Different

An Electric Experience

Riding our BRILL ONE Bike is not just a ride; it’s an electric experience both literally and metaphorically. The modern urban landscape demands that we move away from the IC engine powered bikes and embrace the nimble and efficient electric bikes powered by cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries. It’s smart, eco-friendly and exhilarating - all at the same time.


Drive Different

Go For A Long Ride

Long battery life and ample storage space makes this vehicle completely suitable for epic long rides. Pack your essentials in the 23 Ltrs storage and leave for a destination far away. Navigate through the web of roads with the help of pre-installed GPS system, which comes with cloud connectivity. Quick charging time of 30 to 90 mins allows you to continue the journey without any delays.


Drive Different


Our desire to offer you the Best Electric Motorcycles led us to Design & Innovate the BRILL ONE, which is power-packed with advanced features. Obsessed with Design, our Engineers have Designed & Built this Motorcycle with a Trellis Frame, Alloy Rims, Disc brakes, Combined Braking System and Tubeless Tyres. The High Capacity, Fire-Resistant & Long Life Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery gives it wonderful Pick-up Power & Long Drive.


Drive Different

Urban & Sleek

In the end, it’s the thrill of the ride that matters the most. We’ve worked in collaboration with professional riders to seamlessly blend groundbreaking technology with street-shredding power. The excitement, the urban attitude and the powerful performance - this vehicle has it all that a motorcycle-lover could ask for. Get ready for a ride unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

Our E Bike – Designed For Indian Roads

The traffic jam, potholes, reckless drivers or testing weather; whatever be the obstacle, the absolute control and comfort of these motorcycles will let you drive smoothly everywhere.


Trellis Frame

Trellis Frame

Lowest center of gravity amongst all scooters in the country. Floor mounted battery pack and low mounted motor for great handling while leaning and turning.


Front Suspension

Front Suspension

We use Telescopic Fork suspension in the front to ensure safe and comfortable riding even on the roughest terrains.


Uni-Shock Suspension

Uni-Shock Suspension

The Uni Shocker suspension at the back ensures softer response to potholes and bumps on the road, which further enhances the smooth experience of your ride.


Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Both front & rear parts of the motorcycle have disc brakes suitable for the stop-and-go traffic challenges of the modern urban commuting.


Appreciate The Design

Ample Storage Space

Always Ready For A Long Ride

Stunning Design

Designed To Make Heads Turn

Incredible Balance

A Rider’s Delight

Unmatched Comfort

Glide & Move In Comfort

Outstanding Suspension

Bumpy Roads, Smooth Rides

Combined Braking System

For Challenges Of Traffic

Aesthetic Headlights

Light Your Way In Style

Cloud Connected

At Brilltech Emotors, we are offering "BRILL ONE" – the best electric bike in India, which comes with a cloud-connected feature. Following are a few of the features that you can access via its mobile app:

  • Current Status of Motorcycle/Electric Bike
  • GPS
  • Geo Fencing
  • Remote start/stop feature
  • Distance covered
  • Provision of payment
  • Support


Electric Vehicles, especially the electric bikes have become the talk of the town and the major reason behind their grand recognition is the Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries. These batteries have made the concept of the long-range, high-performance electric bikes a reality. At Brilltech Emotors, we understand that the hazards related to Battery Banks used in an electric vehicle is the major concern of the customers and keeping this in mind, we are up for offering Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Bank, which has several benefits over regular Lithium-Ion Battery Banks. Check out the advantages it has to offer:

  • LiFePO4 Batteries have a longer cycle life than ordinary Lithium-Ion approaches (up to 2500 life cycles).
  • Waiting for your power bank to charge is the thing of the past, LiFePO4Batteries is designed to deliver lightning-fast charging than Lithium Ion Battery Banks.
  • LiFePO4Batteries have the ability to handle high heating temperature and thus, are Fire Safe whereas; Lithium Ion Battery Banks are Fire Prone.
  • Another merit that stands LiFePO4Batteries apart from the lithium-ion approaches is its higher current or peak-power rating.
  • LiFePO4Batteries has a better capacity (aka calendar life), which guarantees a slower rate of capacity loss, as compared to the Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Moreover, the discharge voltage of LiFePO4Batteries is very constant and stays close to around 3.2 V, until the cell is exhausted. Its constant discharge voltage feature allows the cells to deliver virtually full power until it is completely discharged.


Electric Vehicles are getting frequently populated, but the problem of charging is still a hitch to its mass adoption. To quell up the stumbling block, we come up with the model that has extra charging advantages including:

  • The battery of BRILL ONE is of LiFePO4, which is known for quick charging than the other Lithium-Ion Cells.
  • This battery will take no more than 2 hours to charge 100%.
  • Charging time of the battery will depend on the type of charger you are using. With fast charger, the battery will be charged within 30-45 minutes.
  • The best part is that it takes only 4-5 units to charge the complete battery bank.
  • Since it is connected with the mobile app, you will have access to information about the distance of the journey, which will help to plan commute accordingly.
  • At Brilltech, we value our customers and their convenience and make ourselves available to help them set up the Battery Charging System at Home/Office/Mall/ Residential Complex at a few extra bucks, as per the policy of the company.

Exceptional Battery

Leave your doubts behind as the battery installed in this motorcycle can last up-to 120-240 Km per charge of 2-3 hours. It has qualities like High Capacity, Quick Charge, Lasts up-to 2500 Cycles and comes with a protective case.

It is the latest LiFePO4 battery known for higher current or peak-power ratings. Constant discharge voltage and being less prone to power also makes this batter bank much better than traditional lithium-ion battery banks. So, long rides are totally viable and possible with these E-Motorcycles.


Absolute Control

Disc brakes, telescopic suspension in front and uni-shocker at the rear with great pick-up gives you absolute control over your driving. Even a routine drive through tight alleys and narrow lanes become an enjoyable experience full of swerves and curls.

The real bike-lovers would cherish this control and grip while experiencing an asphalt- shredding drive. The weather or the road doesn’t affect the performance of the bike in any significant way so that you can enjoy your ride anytime, anywhere.


Smart Functions

The Controller is Programmable and Regenerative, and Cloud Connectivity for GPS, Monitoring and Geo-Fencing is accessible through an app. Remote stop/start of the bike would let you control it from anywhere.

Just tap on the app in your smartphone and know the current status of your bike inside-out. You can also define the regular paths you trace and protect the bike from getting stolen. Provision of payment and support adds another layer of sophistication to the system.


with Brilltech.

You can pre-order an Electric Motorcycle for you right now. Contact us directly to start the process.

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  • www.brilltechemotors.com

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Top Brands That Have Put Their Trust On Us.

Brilltech Emotors has stepped into the domain of electric bikes and launched revolutionary “BRILL ONE”. The electric bike is widely demanded in the Indian as well as foreign market as there is no alternate available when it comes to stylish design, battery backup and overall performance. The company is also enjoying trust from its clients, who are major market players, such as Bosch, Honda, KIA, BHEL, Hero, etc.

The attributes that make “BRILL ONE” electric bike different are as mentioned under:

  • Ultra-Modern Design
  • Exceptional Battery (LiFePO4 battery known for higher current or peak-power ratings)
  • Absolute Control
  • Smart Function
  • Remote Start/Stop Feature
  • GPS
  • Outstanding Suspension
  • Combined Braking System
  • Unmatched Comfort
  • Incredible Balance
  • Ample Storage Space (23 Ltrs.)

LiFePO4 battery, which is known for its quick charging capacity, is used in the Pallet Storage Rack. It requires less than 2 hours’ time to get fully charged. The bike is synced to your mobile device, henceforth you can decide upon the distance to be travelled according to the battery still left in the vehicle. LiFePO4 battery lasts up-to 2500 cycles and comes with a protective case.

The Pallet Storage Rack is available on pre-book basis. To place your order, you can reach us at Plot No. 58, Ecotech-12, Noida Extension. -201310, NCR - Delhi, India. Also, you can fill the enquiry form available on the Contact Us page of the website. You can also drop an email at nitin@brilltechemotors.com.

The exceptional design talks it all. The team of designs and engineers work hand in hand to come us with an ultra-modern design of the e-bike. Along with that, the functionality is also kept advanced and rider can keep the bike working details in sync with its mobile device.  Suggestions from expert team is also taken into consideration to provide a smooth ride. The LiFePO4 battery also makes the electric bike stand distinguished in the crowd. Moreover, we have acquired prominent position as the trusted Pallet Storage Rack manufacturers in India.

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