E Bike

E Bike

E Bike

People who like to stay ahead of the curve and love to hear a motorcycle roar with power should take a look at our BRILL ONE. Offering India’s first daily commute Electric Bike, Brilltech Emotors has become one of the most creative E Bike Manufacturers. Don’t make a mistake of considering this bike any less than the performance motorcycles. This model is commercially viable and environmentally sustainable showcasing the same power as an IC Engine powered bike. So, go beyond the tokenism of alternate electric bikes and get your hands on a real, competitive model.

The Electric Roar

We know the passion associated with the roar of a bike. Riders love to break the silence with the adrenaline-pumping sound of a bike. We have promised you the same or even better qualities in our model and you will get nothing less than that. This can be easily counted in the best models of E Bike In India.

Engineered For Thrill

The top speed of this motorcycle is 120 Km/h, which is comparable to any commercially sold electric bike in the world. Thrill is integral to the overall experience of riding a bike and we won’t let you miss out on that. If you’re looking for E Bike Exporters and Suppliers, contact us right now. Pre-booking is also open; book your ride right now.

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